GIF of Palma interface in a computer

PALMA® – The World-Class Solution for Product Management

PALMA® is a unique cloud-based solution to create, document and govern modular product architectures. PALMA® enables companies to take full control over their product architecture and secure business goals.

A unique structured approach

Creating a product architecture is a huge undertaking that needs support in terms of both know-how and tools. PALMA® supports the well-proven MFD® method for creating and governing market-driven modular product architectures.

Govern the product architecture life cycle

A well-defined product architecture is one of the most strategic assets of a company, and needs to be governed and secured. Efficient governance spans from customer values through to the generic product structure and configuration logic. This gives you control over both specifications and profitability.

Create configuration rules without coding

Configuration rules are the recipe of what can be offered to the market and managing these rules requires skills that a product manager typically doesn’t possess. The unique Configuration Intent™ in PALMA® empowers product managers to generate configuration rules.


Full traceability of all actions through unique work branch and time model

Model Based

Data is systematized in the unique PALMA information model


Data-driven definition of your product architecture