Product Architecture Lifecycle Management

One System to Ensure the Right Product Offering

It’s all About Managing Your Information

PALMA® stands for product architecture lifecycle management; and managing your product architecture is all about securing information.
Different roles in an organization typically have different documents that describe the product assortment from different views. For example, data on features and technical principles are often hidden in numerous and disconnected files. With PALMA® strategic software, all data is captured, structured and managed so you can become and remain the market leader.

Market-Driven Product Definition


Product Range Forecasting


Module Variant Specification

End-to-End Modularization

Configuration Intent™






Cloud Based

Multi-User Environment Under Control

PALMA® offers unprecedented control over time in a collaborative environment. All changes are tracked by who, when, what and where.

Product Architecture and Product Configuration go Hand in Hand

To maximize configurability of a product architecture the configuration logic must be an integral part in the development of a product architecture.

Product Planning the Way it Should be Done

Product planning with a modular product architecture is a whole different game. Plans are made based on performance levels and features rather than product variants.

Experienced Consultants Ready to Support You

Our consultants do modular product architectures every day, so our expertise is unique. Since 1996 we’ve helped over 120 organizations around the globe implement modular and configurable product architectures.

Digital Transformation

Capture, structure and manage your data to become and remain market leader.