What’s Unique About PALMA® Software?

Short and Sharp Interviews with Karl-Johan Linghede, CEO, Modular Management Group

No Longer a Missing Piece

Karl-Johan Linghede on Uniqueness

”The unique thing about PALMA is that this has been a puzzle piece missing in the IT application world for decades.

You can see some large companies that have actually developed their own systems, based on that they have had this need and have understood this need for decades – and spent hundreds of millions doing so.

What PALMA does is that it’s the first commercial software that really fills that gap.

It allows companies to access a modern and very powerful technology, and enables product management to truly architect their products.”

Secure Your Information Model

Karl-Johan Linghede Introduces PALMA

”PALMA stands for Product Architecture Lifecycle Management.

It’s a technology that enables companies to not only document and define, but truly make sure that they secure an information model that connects their product architecture data to all of the different surroundings.”

Karl-Johan Linghede

CEO, Modular Management Group


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